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From Big Cloud’s Front-Row Seats at Microsoft Ignite 2023

Big Cloud Consultants shares firsthand experience at Microsoft Ignite 2023. Discover groundbreaking insights, transformative trends, and how we're leveraging the latest advancements to enhance your digital journey.

From Big Cloud’s Front-Row Seats at Microsoft Ignite 2023

The Microsoft Ignite 2023 event has once again proven to be a catalyst for innovation and transformation. As proud attendees representing Big Cloud Consultants, a Microsoft CSP, we immersed ourselves in the latest updates, breakthroughs, and trends that will shape 2024 and beyond for digital workplaces. Here’s a comprehensive recap of our experience and the key takeaways from this exhilarating event.

AI Functionality Takes Center Stage at Microsoft Ignite: Session Highlights

Microsoft’s commitment to growth in the cloud was vividly illustrated through a series of keynote sessions. The introduction of advanced AI functionality stole the spotlight, promising groundbreaking enhancements in automation, data analysis, and user experiences.

Empowering Decisions with Microsoft Copilot

The Copilot breakout sessions revealed Microsoft Copilot’s potential to leverage large language models (LLMs) without compromising intellectual property. Organizations can make informed decisions by combining internal data with publicly available information, ensuring privacy while benefiting from cutting-edge language models.

Mixed Reality AI for Task Performance

A standout moment was the revelation of mixed reality AI, showcasing its potential applications in task performance. The integration of Copilot with virtual reality systems opens new avenues for industries like equipment construction, providing step-by-step guidance and insights in a mixed reality environment.

SharePoint Premium

SharePoint Premium introduction at Microsoft Ignite
SharePoint Premium emerged as a game-changer at Microsoft Ignite with workflow enhancements and robust data security measures for internal documents. Automatic tagging, automated classification, site access reviews, and cost-effective archiving further solidified SharePoint‘s position as a cornerstone for collaborative and secure document management.

New Outlook

Insights into the evolving features of New Outlook showcased the product team’s dedication to learning and improvement. While acknowledging the need to build on Classic Outlook features, the team expressed excitement about the ongoing development and user experience feedback.

Microsoft Copilot: TL;DR

The launch of Copilot exceeded expectations, offering a plethora of tools for users.

Microsoft Copilot’s Limitless Potential

While Copilot’s potential is immense, challenges arise. One key consideration is that clients might focus on per-user pricing rather than recognizing the fundamental benefits of automation, AI functionality, streamlined workflows, and enhanced security.

Governance Precedes Copilot Adoption

The importance of information governance became evident. Organizations must prioritize governance before adopting Copilot, as any information available to users can be accessed and surfaced through this powerful tool.

Big Cloud’s Commitment to Demonstrating Skills & Client Support

Microsoft’s introduction of Applied Skills was particularly noteworthy. This initiative complements certifications. The Big Cloud team is looking forward to highlighting our credibility with niche skills for unique projects and enhancing the delivery of tailored solutions to our clients.

Microsoft Copilot’s Benefits for Big Cloud Clients

Big Cloud Consultants sees Microsoft Copilot as a catalyst for significant benefits, including:
  • boosted productivity
  • elevated creativity
  • enhanced learning experiences
  • streamlined data analysis
  • decreased daily tasks through automation
Although currently available for enterprises, we are eager for Copilot to be generally available so that we can roll it out to a wider client-base, supporting multiple organizations with its advanced capabilities. As an experienced Microsoft Partner, Big Cloud Consultants has the expertise to prepare your data for Copilot adoption. So, we are most thrilled to use our ability to better support businesses in achieving data readiness goals. We are eager to leverage Copilot across all industries and can help organizations connect Microsoft Copilot to their data that does not reside in Microsoft 365. Microsoft’s introduction of Copilot Studio empowers us to build custom Copilots tailored to the unique needs of our clients on their behalf. This solidifies our commitment to delivering personalized solutions in the client’s tech ecosystem.

Electric Energy at Microsoft Ignite

From start to finish, Microsoft Ignite was engaging for all attendees. The opening keynote set the stage with electric energy and enthusiasm. Attendees were not only excited about face-to-face interactions but also about the transformative announcements, especially those related to Copilot and its myriad benefits. The collaboration between Microsoft and Logitech resulted in an unforgettable wrap-up party at the Pacific Science Center. The beautiful venue provided the perfect backdrop for networking and celebrating the event’s success.

Memorable Moments for the Big Cloud Team

Beyond the technological revelations, Microsoft Ignite offered numerous memorable moments. From shared laughter and delicious food to cheering on the Seattle Kraken, the Big Cloud Consultants team forged lasting bonds during our visit to the event.  
Microsoft Ignite 2023 was a whirlwind of innovation, learning, and camaraderie. As we reflect on the event, Big Cloud Consultants is looking forward to ensuring our clients benefit from the latest advancements in the ever-expanding Microsoft ecosystem. Stay tuned as we continue to leverage these insights to better serve you, our valued clients. Get in touch to start a conversation about your Microsoft technology and enhancements for 2024.
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Matt Jacobson - Product Operations Manager

Matt Jacobson is an accomplished project manager adept at navigating the Microsoft Cloud landscape. Driven by challenges and committed to excellence, he thrives on overcoming challenges, solving problems, and delivering innovative solutions.

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