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Mastering Microsoft Cloud Solutions: Big Cloud 2023 Recap & 2024 Outlook

Big Cloud Consultants recaps 2023 with an optimistic outlook toward 2024. Discover our Microsoft Cloud focus for 2024 as we continue our commitment to being your trusted Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider.

Mastering Microsoft Cloud Solutions: Big Cloud 2023 Recap & 2024 Outlook

Big Cloud Consultants wraps up 2023 with gratitude as a recognized Microsoft Partner. Reflecting on our journey, we’re poised for a promising 2024. Explore our 2023 journey and dive into the Microsoft Cloud solutions shaping digital workplaces in the upcoming year.

Acknowledging Microsoft Partner Excellence

Among our accomplishments in 2023, we are proud to earn the Microsoft Solution Partner designation for Modern Work, along with a specialization in Microsoft Adoption and Change Management. This solidifies our position as a trusted technology partner and underscores our commitment to delivering solutions aligned with the cutting-edge Microsoft Cloud.

Additionally, our recognition by the International Association for Microsoft Channel Partners with the IAMCP Americas P2P Award highlights the exceptional partnerships we’ve cultivated, emphasizing our commitment to innovative cybersecurity solutions that safeguard businesses nationwide.

Elevating Microsoft Cloud Solutions with Strategic Partnerships and Offerings

Our commitment to comprehensive solutions is exemplified through our strategic partnership with Torsion Information Security. This alliance reinforces our presence in the technology landscape, bringing data access governance to our clients and ensuring the delivery of best-in-class services.

microsoft cloud solutions strategic partnership in information security
This year, we created a specialized SharePoint Discovery offering on Microsoft Appsource to enhance organizations’ efforts in implementing successful intranets. Securing the co-sell status for this offering ensures that we support more businesses looking for a reliable partner to deploy a robust collaboration hub. Our mission is to help a wide array of businesses embrace the culture of efficiency, engagement, and strategic collaboration through a well-defined plan for intranet deployments. We appreciate the collective efforts that contribute to these achievements and remain grateful for your trust in us. Your unwavering support inspires us to strive for excellence.

Harnessing Microsoft Resources for Success

At Big Cloud, we understand the importance of continuous learning. In 2023, our active participation in key industry events such as the Microsoft Power Platform Conference and Microsoft Ignite, equipped our team with tactical knowledge, keeping us ahead of technological advancements. This commitment to learning empowers us to provide you with the most innovative solutions.
big cloud consultants at Microsoft ignite event 2023

Unveiling Big Cloud’s 2024 Focus

Looking ahead to 2024, we’re excited to harness the power of the latest innovative Microsoft Cloud solutions. We eagerly anticipate the transformative capabilities of Copilot. As Copilot revolutionizes collaboration, we understand that robust data governance is crucial. Ensuring data integrity, security, and compliance will be at the forefront of our Copilot strategy, guaranteeing that businesses can harness its power without compromising on essential governance principles.

In addition, the modern productivity solutions set to leave an indelible mark on digital workplaces will be SharePoint Premium and Teams Premium. SharePoint Premium promises deeper engagement with elevated content experiences and solutions, and we are looking forward to helping you maximize its value. The general availability of these platforms will bring exciting possibilities and unique features, such as AI recaps in Microsoft Teams Premium, enriching the user experience.

In response to the evolving landscape of remote work, Big Cloud Consultants places a strategic focus on Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) in 2024. As businesses grapple with dispersed workforces, AVD emerges as a powerful tool to address common challenges, optimizing collaboration, security, and efficiency.

Navigating the Microsoft Cloud Landscape in 2024

Our commitment extends beyond technology; it’s about propelling our client organizations forward. We remain dedicated to offering excellent support and leveraging Microsoft Cloud solutions.

As we summarize our experiences and achievements in 2023, we express our genuine excitement about the journey that awaits us in 2024. Join us as Big Cloud Consultants navigates the ever-evolving landscape of technology and excellence. Together, let’s embrace the AI future and continue to soar to new heights.

If you’re ready to set or build upon your technology foundation, reach out to us to start strategizing your 2024 objectives.

Picture of Matt Jacobson - Product Operations Manager

Matt Jacobson - Product Operations Manager

Matt Jacobson is an accomplished project manager adept at navigating the Microsoft Cloud landscape. Driven by challenges and committed to excellence, he thrives on overcoming challenges, solving problems, and delivering innovative solutions.

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