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Why Work with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Learn what a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider can do for you. Discover how Big Cloud Consultants can meet your end-to-end Microsoft technology needs.

Why Work with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Microsoft continues to emphasize its robust cloud services and solutions, but selecting the right solutions is complicated. Subscriptions, licensing, and billing is daunting, but Big Cloud Consultants, a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), can help untangle the complexities.

A CSP gives you access to free guidance to help you select the best cloud solution for your organization. With Big Cloud Consultants, you even have access to Premier Support, end-to-end managed support across the entire Microsoft ecosystem to meet your complex needs and expand your cloud capabilities.

Let’s dive more into what exactly a CSP does, the benefits of working with one, and how to get started.

What is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider?

Simply put, a Microsoft CSP is a Microsoft Partner with knowledge about the various products and services available to clients, whether it be Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, or server and desktop licenses. The core idea behind working with a CSP is that you get a skilled Partner to handle your relationship with Microsoft and be your advocate. Your CSP can help you select the best solution for your organization, manage your subscriptions, and provide you with a single point of contact for all your business needs.

Microsoft CSPs deliver Microsoft Cloud services tailored to your unique business requirements, customizing its engagement to suit your organization.

The Benefits of Working with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

As we discussed above, by selecting the right Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider to serve as a skilled authorized Partner between you and Microsoft, and manage your relationship, your organization can benefit from:

Technical and Licensing Support

In the case of any technical, billing, or subscription issues, your Microsoft CSP can facilitate all support calls on your behalf, and even open priority support tickets. This lets your team focus on their day-to-day roles.

Central Point of Contact

Working with a Microsoft CSP means you get access to a one-stop shop for all your Microsoft-related needs. As your single point of contact, a CSP like Big Cloud Consultants can help with all of your needs, from licensing to support, so you don’t spend time chasing down multiple vendors.

Cloud Experts

When you work with a Cloud Solution Provider, you get access to experts who are familiar with the various services and products available and can help you select the ones that make the most sense for your organization.

Microsoft Expertise on Tap

There’s no doubt that Microsoft Cloud Solutions are reliable, but organizations often need support to ensure they are deployed, configured, and maintained well. Your Microsoft CSP will help ensure your systems are running as required with their vast expertise and authority in the Microsoft product ecosystem. You can lean on them for their knowledge and credentials of the workload.

Getting Started with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

By working with Big Cloud Consultants, a Microsoft CSP, you can deploy solutions that fit the needs of your organization perfectly, without having to coordinate or track down multiple cloud solution providers. Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers are required to meet a set number of standards, including offering value-added services, robust support, managed services, and simple billing.

While all Microsoft CSPs are vetted by Microsoft to ensure quality services, not all CSPs are the same, so you should pick one that best meets the needs of your organization. Ensure your CSP drives impact for your business and delivers value to your organization. As a rule, you must select a partner whose skills, and services will benefit your business. Big Cloud Consultants is a team of qualified Microsoft Cloud experts who provide free assistance for licensing, simplify your billing, and offer Premier Support services, enabling you to optimize your consumption.

Work with Big Cloud Consultants as Your Microsoft CSP

Microsoft’s cloud solutions are game-changers, especially today when people and organizations are increasingly working from different locations at different times. However, to leverage these cloud solutions to their fullest extent, you should consider partnering with a credible Microsoft CSP to ensure the products are properly configured, customized, and integrated.

Big Cloud Consultants has achieved its end-to-end Microsoft expertise through years of practice and tested methodologies. With deep specialization in Azure deployments, intranet customizations, and modern workplace transformations, our team of Microsoft Cloud experts has led numerous organizations to yield better ROI from their Microsoft technology investment. Get in touch today to discover how you can leverage our CSP status to your benefit.

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