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Accelerate User Adoption with Comprehensive Microsoft 365 Training

Lay a solid foundation across your digital workplace with Big Cloud’s Microsoft 365 Training options.


Elevate Your Workplace Productivity

If you are looking to get the most out of your Microsoft Cloud products and applications, investing in Microsoft training will help you adopt these powerful tools and applications at a greater pace.

Thrive with Microsoft training from Big Cloud Consultants

Craft Tailored Microsoft Training Experiences

Microsoft training plays a pivotal role in achieving a successful digital transformation. Our experts specialize in Microsoft Cloud technologies and have the firsthand experience understanding our clients’ challenges, allowing us to pave the way for a smoother journey forward.

Live Training

Allow our experts to guide you and your workforce through various Microsoft technologies to teach you the ropes of a productive workplace.

On-Demand Training

Procure training material and the support of Microsoft experts to empower your organization with actionable insights and best practices as needed.

Empower Users with Microsoft 365 Training & Learning Opportunities

Engage End Users

Invest in your employees through comprehensive Microsoft training, empowering them to utilize each digital workplace tool to its full potential.

Boost User Productivity

Build efficient processes and increase productivity on a day-to-day level with a better prepared workforce that truly understand your technology stack.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Keep your team updated with ongoing Microsoft training to keep up with new features of your digital productivity suite, reaping benefits on a regular basis.

Comprehensive Microsoft Training & Product Adoption Strategy

No matter the Microsoft technology in use, Big Cloud Consultants have the expertise to maximize your investments. While many clients often seek training for their daily collaboration platforms, we take pride in offering comprehensive Microsoft training that caters to the broader needs of organizations.

microsoft consulting and cloud managed services with microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams

Take organizational collaboration and communication by the reins with detailed Microsoft Teams training and utilization best practices.

microsoft consulting and cloud managed services with sharepoint online


Alleviate SharePoint struggles with guardrails from intranet experts that empower you to make the most of the document and information management platform.

microsoft consulting and cloud managed services with microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

See your Microsoft 365 deployment beyond implementation with Microsoft 365 training and support from trusted cloud service providers.

Microsoft 365 Training Client

big cloud microsoft 365 training client

Explore the Right Microsoft Service for Your Business

microsoft sharepoint services by big cloud consultants

Microsoft SharePoint

Connect your employees with the right resources while delivering a consistent employee experience with Big Cloud’s extensive Microsoft SharePoint services.​

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