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Connect Your Business Phone Systems with Call2Teams™

Streamline communication across your organization by leveraging Call2Teams™ to seamlessly integrate your phone system with Microsoft Teams.


Unify Communications with Call2Teams™

Call2Teams™ is a simple add-on to Microsoft 365 that connects any PBX phone system to Microsoft Teams. There is no hardware or software to install and it can be set up in minutes. With Big Cloud’s help, you can bring all users under one platform by using Microsoft Teams for collaboration, messaging, and voice across all devices.

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The Benefits of Using Call2Teams™ for MS Teams

With Big Cloud and Call2Teams™ you can use your existing phone system PBX, numbers, and facilities without any disruptions. Any call center or compliance features stay as they are. Some benefits of Call2Teams include:

One-Click Deployment

No need to download any software or hardware or get your IT team involved. 

No Disruptions

Call2Teams™ works with any phone system, provider, or carrier.

Flexible Management

Be billed user-by-user, and month-to-month.

Global Experience

A truly global platform, Call2Teams™ delivers enterprise-grade service around the world. 


Features of Call2Teams™

Call2Teams™ offers a leading go-to-market solution for voice-enabling teams with enterprise-grade features. With Call2Teams™, you can:

Add MS Trunks to SIP Service

Call2Teams™ allows you to add Microsoft Trunks to your existing SIP service to add value to your offerings.

Maintain PBX Functionality

With Call2Teams™, you can maintain your differentiation and offer feature-rich telephony solutions.

Unlock New Markets

Call2Teams™ allows you to deliver Microsoft 365 Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) to new markets and territories.

Cloud Native Call2Teams™ Solution

The Call2Teams™ add-on operates in Microsoft Azure Cloud and is:


Call2Teams™ operates globally, so you can have confidence that there is low risk of disruption to your operations.


Call2Teams™ is a co-sell validated and Silver ISV partner, reinforcing that the add-on is perfectly suited for MS Teams.


The session border controllers (SBCs) used in the Call2Teams™ solution are Microsoft Direct Routing approved.

Call2Teams Add-On Client

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Make the most of Microsoft Teams by implementing Call2Teams, the easiest way to connect your existing phone service to Microsoft Teams and elevate communications. Let the Big Cloud experts help you.

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