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Implement an Easy-to-Use Microsoft 365 Email Security Solution

Vade for Microsoft 365 email security provides protection from emerging security threats with a single AI-based solution. Let us help you safeguard your sensitive data.


Enhance Your Microsoft 365 Email Security with Vade for M365

Implement an email security solution for Microsoft 365, powered by Vade and designed to be deployed easily with a set-it-and-forget-it configuration. Email is often the entryway for cybersecurity threats to the Microsoft 365 suite, and by implementing a Microsoft 365 email security solution, you can rest assured that you’re fully protected.

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Why Implement Vade's Microsoft 365 Email Security Solution?

While Microsoft 365 security is powerful and capable of blocking most threats, there are still those that can break through. This is where Vade for M365 comes in. Implementing the Vade for Microsoft 365 email security solution provides peace of mind through:


Vade for Microsoft 365 email security can be deployed in as little as 10 minutes and offers native API integration with Microsoft 365, making things simple for end users as it can be turned on or off with a toggle. It follows Microsoft Exchange settings and requires no MX changes but can be customized to fit your needs. 


The Microsoft 365 email security offers remediation in bulk, allowing admins to aggregate and cluster reported emails into groups. This accelerates response time and deals with security incidents from one central location, ensuring that dangerous emails cannot spread through the organization. It continually scans inboxes to automatically remove threats post-delivery, as well. 


Admins can view aggregated user reports right from one dashboard, rather than having to switch to Microsoft Exchange. The dashboard offers up-to-date email logs for real-time view of threats detected and remediated. In addition, admins have the ability to monitor email traffic, identify current threats, and remediate emails all with one click. 


Email logs from Vade for M365 can be exported to Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) platforms and can utilize advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) tools to further help your organization prevent data breaches and repeated cyberattacks. 


Vade Threat Coach offers automated phishing awareness training, prompting users to learn the best course of action to take after they interact with a malicious email. Vade Threat Coach is integrated into the Microsoft 365 email security solution and is designed to help you improve your ability to identify phishing emails in case one makes it to your inbox. 


Why Work With Big Cloud Consultants

We understand how crucial email security is, and with our extensive experience in delivering email security solutions, we can ensure that your Vade for Microsoft 365 email security solution is deployed correctly and efficiently. 

Email Security Experts

Our expert team can seamlessly implement Vade for Microsoft 365 as your email security solution with stringent security measures.

Ongoing Continuous Support

Rest assured you not only receive implementation support for Vade for Microsoft 365 email security, but continuous support and updates as well.

Client-Focused Process

Our primary goal is your satisfaction, aligning with your vision, mission, and objectives when considering security solutions for your organization.

Comprehensive Training

We will empower your team by providing comprehensive security training on the full capabilities of Vade for Microsoft 365 email security.


Microsoft 365 Email Security Solutions

For more targeted control, Vade for Microsoft 365 Email Security offers tailored solutions designed to fit the needs of your organization.


Vade’s anti-phishing solution uses machine learning to perform real-time analysis of 47 features of phishing emails to identify phishing techniques typically overlooked by anti-phishing software, such as spoofing of display names, redirects of URLs, and manipulated logos.


Vade’s malware and ransomware solution is designed to analyze malicious behaviors and code using predictive technologies. The solution parses emails, webpages, and attachments in real-time to identify suspicious behaviors common to malware and ransomware attacks.


Vade’s spear phishing prevention technology makes use of artificial intelligence to identify malicious patterns in spear phishing emails, which are emails targeted to a particular user. The AI detects subtle signs like forged display names and spoofed email addresses.

Vade for M365 Email Security Client

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Microsoft 365 Email Security Clients


Get in Touch with Microsoft 365 Email Security Experts

Having stringent security measures has always been important, but it is now more important than ever with the rise of cybersecurity attacks. Learn more about the Microsoft 365 email security solution and how to implement it for your organization.

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