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Simplify Microsoft Azure Licensing with a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider

Microsoft Azure licensing can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. The experts at Big Cloud can help your organization select the best tools and resources to optimize your usage and make the most of your Azure investment.


Optimize Cloud Computing Microsoft Azure Licensing

As one of the biggest cloud computing platforms in the enterprise space, Microsoft Azure is a reliable and robust tool. However, Microsoft Azure licensing can quickly become overly complex and confusing. By engaging with Big Cloud Consultants, a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), you can rest assured you are optimizing storage and workloads for the future.
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Benefit from Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Computing Capabilities

With Microsoft Azure, you receive numerous benefits:


Azure is unmatched when it comes to deployments, operations, and scalability. With Microsoft’s global network, you can seamlessly connect private or on-premises networks to Azure’s global infrastructure.


The Microsoft Azure licensing model is pay-as-you-go, which means you only purchase what you need and consume, making it a good fit for businesses of all sizes.


Microsoft Azure enhances the privacy, integrity, and security of sensitive information by combining built-in security tools with existing cybersecurity systems and policies.


Why you Need a Cloud Solution Provider to Optimize Azure Licensing

Leverage Big Cloud Consultant as a Cloud Solution Provider for outstanding customer-oriented technical support, help your organization optimize Azure workloads, and get better returns on Azure investments.

Technical & Licensing Support

As the Microsoft CSP, Big Cloud is your single point of contact to handle all support calls in case of a technical, billing, or subscription issue. We work directly with you to provide unparalleled customer-oriented support.

Billing Flexibility

With Big Cloud Consultants as your trusted Microsoft CSP, you only pay for what you use. We help you get temporary licenses or pay for usage. You can also earn discounts on the recommended retail price.

Strong Service Level Agreements

Access Microsoft’s strong service level agreements with the Big Cloud Microsoft CSP team. We take on the responsibility for quality and availability, and so you can make the most of your Azure investment.


Types of Microsoft Azure Services

Move faster, do more and enhance your workplace with the right mix of Azure services. Explore how you can obtain Azure Services for your business:

Consumption Services

Consumption Services are prepaid, where customers only pay for the services when they are in use, or monthly invoices for services used. Virtual machines, storage and database are examples of consumption services.

User Licensed Services

User Licensed Services are typically paid for annually or monthly when purchased through a Cloud Solution Provider. This includes your Microsoft Entra ID (previously Azure Active Directory), Azure Information Protection & Microsoft Defender for Identity.

Marketplace Solutions

Azure Marketplace Solutions are solutions built on Azure for customers to buy. These are either licensed and paid for at the end of the month on a consumption basis, or as a monthly or annual license.

Leverage Cloud Services with Azure Licensing

The Microsoft Azure suite offers a wide directory of Azure cloud services, including computing, analytics, storage, and networking. The experts at Big Cloud Consultants provide you with licensing strategies across all areas of Microsoft Azure, including:

Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop allows you to access your office from any location, on any device. By utilizing AVD with an existing eligible Microsoft 365 or Windows per-user license, you create a secure and flexible remote desktop experience with improved productivity and business continuity.

Windows 365

Windows 365 is a single-user desktop application that lives in the Azure cloud and is fully managed by Microsoft. It uses Azure for virtual desktop deployment and storage, with a fixed licensing cost per user per month, offering less flexibility than Azure Virtual Desktop.

Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Machines allow you to run high-performance computing applications. With Azure Virtual Machines, you benefit from high computing capacity and virtualization with chosen configurations. AVM also follows a pay-as-you-go model, offering flexibility.

Microsoft Azure Licensing Client

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Valued Microsoft Azure Licensing Clients


Get in Touch with Microsoft Azure Licensing Experts

Microsoft Azure is a powerful cloud computing platform, but licensing requirements can get tricky. Learn more about the Microsoft Azure licensing and let us provide licensing strategies to help simplify the process for you.

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