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Microsoft Copilot: The New Era of Work

Microsoft Copilot is the AI-driven solution designed to elevate productivity in the modern workplace.


Enhance Your Productivity with Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365

Leverage the AI-powered platform, Microsoft Copilot, combining large language models with your organization’s data to realize enhanced workplace productivity. Enable this within your Microsoft 365 ecosystem to streamline tasks, generate insights, and offer intelligent suggestions to optimize your workflow.

Microsoft Copilot Product

Why Microsoft Copilot over ChatGPT?

When it comes to selecting the right AI assistant for your business, a shadow IT AI like ChatGPT is no match for Microsoft Copilot. Microsoft Copilot integrates with your business environment, offering distinct advantages, enabling you to think bigger and scale smarter with:


Microsoft Copilot prioritizes your organization's data privacy and security, safeguarding sensitive information within the Microsoft 365 environment. In contrast, ChatGPT learns and trains from your interactions outside of the workplace technology stack, potentially compromising privacy.


Microsoft Copilot seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 applications, ensuring compatibility and efficiency throughout your workflow. From Microsoft Outlook to SharePoint and Excel, Copilot provides contextual productivity where you work.


Microsoft Copilot provides targeted assistance customized for various business roles, enhancing productivity organization-wide. Whether in sales, marketing, customer service, or finance, Copilot streamlines tasks and optimizes workflows for every team member.


Leverage Microsoft Copilot Across Your Organization

Explore how adopting Copilot for Microsoft 365 can revolutionize workflows and drive efficiency across various business roles within your organization.

Executive Excellence

Microsoft Copilot empowers executives to excel by simplifying tasks and ensuring flawless execution of critical events.

HR Harmony

Microsoft Copilot revolutionizes HR processes, reducing costs and facilitating efficient talent acquisition.

Marketing Mastery

Microsoft Copilot collaborates seamlessly with marketing teams, transforming ideas into revenue opportunities.

IT Innovation

Microsoft Copilot helps IT professionals in planning critical updates, allowing IT to focus on innovation and problem-solving.

Knowledge Worker

Microsoft Copilot boosts knowledge worker efficiency, streamlining routine tasks and prioritizing critical thinking.

Workplace Intelligence with Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot isn’t just another tool—it’s the new era of work. It is the secret weapon your organization needs to conquer tasks, crush deadlines, and elevate performance to new heights. Get inspired by Copilot’s impact on the earliest users to:


70% of users saw a boost in productivity, and 68% saw a boost in quality with Microsoft Copilot.


29% increase in speed on searching, writing, and summarizing tasks with Microsoft Copilot.


64% of users say they spend less time processing emails and can catch up on missed meetings 4x faster.

Proven Microsoft Technology Success

Contact Center Client Kris Wilson

Why Implement Microsoft Copilot?

Before licensing Microsoft Copilot for your employees, it is important to understand how to set up your digital workplace for AI productivity success. Big Cloud Consultants enables organizations to streamline seamless workflow productivity through ensuring data integrity, security, and confidentiality. Here’s why:

Proven Microsoft Cloud Expertise

Benefit from our certified Microsoft Cloud expertise with Modern Work, Security, and Infrastructure Solution Designations, guiding you through the implementation process securely and efficiently.

Firsthand Microsoft Copilot Experience

Gain insights from our firsthand Microsoft Copilot experience and Microsoft Copilot training, testing its potent capabilities, enabling us to tailor solutions to your specific needs to maximize your benefits.

Extensive Subject Matter Proficiency

Leverage our thought leadership and designated experience in AI adoption and change management, ensuring your organization harnesses the full potential of Copilot for operational success.


Think Bigger, Scale Smarter with Microsoft Copilot Experts

Contact our modern work specialists to help you implement and successfully prompt Microsoft Copilot to boost productivity in your workspace.

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