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Experience Unified Communications with TeamMate

Activate the Calls dial-pad in Microsoft Teams as a softphone with TeamMate. Big Cloud Consultants will ensure you operate within a unified communication hub and boost productivity.


Experts in Unified Communications with TeamMate

Get your entire team all on one system with TeamMate, a simple add-on to Microsoft 365 that connects any PBX phone system to Microsoft teams within minutes.

With no hardware or software installation required for set-up, Big Cloud can help you leverage Microsoft Teams for collaboration, messaging, and voice across all devices for unified communications.

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Use TeamMate to Turn MS Teams Into an Extension of Your Phone

The TeamMate Connector turns Microsoft Teams into a softphone extension of your existing PBX phone system.  Use Teams as your business phone without compromising functionality. With TeamMate, you can:

Use MS Teams Calling

Make and receive PBX calls using Microsoft Teams calling on your desktop, mobile, or browser.

Use PBX Softkeys

With TeamMate, you can directly use your PBX softkeys in Microsoft Teams.

Receive PBX Notifications

With TeamMate, you can directly receive your PBX notifications in Microsoft Teams.

View PBX Portal

With TeamMate, you can directly view your PBX portal in Microsoft Teams.


Big Cloud and TeamMate

By working with Big Cloud for deployment of TeamMate, you can use your existing phone system PBX, numbers, and facilities without any disruptions, and any call center or compliance features stay as they are. You can choose to deliver this cloud service to all users or just select users. TeamMate allows you to:

Build Direct Routing

Connect your existing, external office phone system to MS Teams to make calls from anywhere.

Use an Existing PBX

Register Microsoft Teams users on an existing PBX or create a Microsoft Teams application for your PBX.

Increase Productivity

TeamMate works with the native Teams calling experience that is already familiar to users, on mobile and desktop.

How TeamMate Works with Microsoft Teams

Depending on your organization, the TeamMate add-on offers a few different connectors for unified communications: 


The PBX Connector is a Microsoft 365 add-on that allows native integration of any existing PBX phone system into Microsoft Teams. Activating the Calls dial-pad in MS Teams turns Teams into a softphone.


The SIP Trunk Connector is a Microsoft 365 add-on that allows automation of a Direct Route between your network and MS Teams. Activating the in-app call features turns Teams into a softphone.


The SMS Connector allows sending, reading, and managing of text messages from a native workflow in Microsoft Teams. The user must bring their own SMS carrier to operate effectively.

TeamMate Add-On Client

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Valued Unified Communications Clients


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Make the most of Microsoft Teams by implementing the TeamMate add-on to transform it into a unified communication hub to boost productivity. Let the Big Cloud experts help you.

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