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Leverage Big Cloud’s Self-Serve Microsoft 365 Training

Big Cloud University is Big Cloud’s online Microsoft 365 training platform powered by ClipTraining. Utilize this self-service learning model to drive digital adoption and improve user productivity.


Drive Digital Adoption with Comprehensive Microsoft 365 Training

Leverage a modernized approach to learning by implementing Big Cloud University’s Microsoft 365 training solution, a self-service learning solution powered by ClipTraining. Designed to replace user guides and drive digital adoption, the Big Cloud University portal runs natively in Microsoft Teams so your users can complete their Microsoft 365 training from anywhere.

Why Use Big Cloud University's Microsoft 365 Training Resources?

A self-service learning solution, like Big Cloud University, provides customizable training channels for your end users, easily accessible from within the Microsoft Teams platform on any device. With our modernized approach to user learning, training, and adoption, you can:

Our content streaming service runs natively in Microsoft Teams to provide over 5,000 videos that help end-users learn more about Microsoft 365, cybersecurity, compliance, and more. 


Our self-service learning platform greatly reduces calls to help desks by replacing user guides with focused, up-to-date training videos, and courses. 


Our platform provides short, task-based videos so users can focus on nuggets of information as needed to perform specific tasks and actively retain their new skills.


Our self-service learning solution enables employees to solve the issues at hand to quickly accomplish their day-to-day roles and job responsibilities.


Why Big Cloud Consultants?

Big Cloud Consultants understands how crucial it is to ensure your users are well-versed in Microsoft 365 so you can make the most of your Microsoft 365 investment. We can ensure that your self-service learning solution for Microsoft 365 is deployed correctly and efficiently.

Microsoft 365 Experts

Our team of experts will seamlessly implement Big Cloud University as your self-service Microsoft 365 learning solution in Microsoft Teams without any hiccups along the way.

Consistent Expert Support

Our consistent support, from prior to implementation to long after Big Cloud University is deployed, ensures that your solution works correctly and as desired.

Client-Focused Process

Our experts put themselves in your shoes to align with your business objectives when implementing the Big Cloud University solution for your organization.

Comprehensive Training

Our comprehensive training ensures your users become familiar with the Big Cloud University platform and can take advantage of the resources available to them.


Comprehensive Microsoft 365 Training Solution

Our self-service training solution implements many features to encourage users to take advantage of the Microsoft 365 training resources available to them, including:

Configurable Learning Paths

Group training videos together to create recommended learning paths and courses for employees by job role, and easily track their completion status.

Gamification Awards

Monitor user activity and promote advanced learners with award-based training models that give them awards they can highlight on their profiles.

Content from Tech Experts

Leverage videos by Microsoft MVPs and subject matter experts on their focused Microsoft 365 technologies to boost learning and engagement for business users.

Microsoft 365 Training Platform Client

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Access your SELF-SERVE Microsoft 365 Training Resources

Get in Touch with Microsoft 365 Training Solution Experts

We can help you transform your organization by implementing our self-service Microsoft 365 training solution designed to drive adoption and increase productivity internally. Reach out to our experts to discuss our tiered pricing model based on your number of active licenses.

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