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Consolidate Your Endpoint with Azure Virtual Desktop

Big Cloud Consultants’ Azure Virtual Desktop service empowers you with ultra-secure access to apps on any device without complexity, and risk of adequately securing legacy or bring-your-own Windows desktops.


Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

We bring the familiarity of Windows 10 and Windows 11 with an added security layer, allowing your users to experience scalable multi session PCs with Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop).

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Strategic Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop for Workplace Transformation

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a business-critical platform that supports remote work, cloud productivity, secure environments, and business continuity.


Your employees get the flexibility of accessing their virtual desktops and applications from any location, at any time and using any device, making them more efficient.


Through high-performance computing and options such as multi-screen and GPU rendering support, you can leverage AVD to support specialized workloads such as software development, financial applications, 3D modelling, and more.


By using reverse connect transport for establishing remote sessions, Azure Virtual Desktop provides a much more secure mechanism for accessing your corporate device.


If you have Windows or Microsoft 365 licenses, you are eligible to access Azure Virtual Desktop and only pay for what you use, saving on both infrastructure and overhead costs.


Empower Business and Enterprise Users with Azure Virtual Desktop

Big Cloud helps you take advantage of Azure Virtual Desktop to its full potential.

Remote App Streaming

Build a low-latency, high-performance user experience from virtually anywhere on any device with AVD for app streaming.

Freedom of Operating System

Deliver Windows 10, 11 desktops and Windows applications virtually anywhere in the world on Windows, macOS, Android, web clients and more.

Simplified Image Management

Design and build custom images for your workloads to meet application demands or choose pre-built images from a gallery including pre-configured images.

Benefit from Auto-Scaling

Leverage built-in autoscaling and shutdown features in the Azure portal to drive cost efficiencies for your organization when workloads are not being used.

Host Multi-Sessions

Pool users on single hosts using Windows 10 and 11 Multi-Session capabilities and provide roaming profiles on multi-session hosts using Azure Storage with FSLogix.

Azure Virtual Desktop Client

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Valued Azure Virtual Desktop Clients


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