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Design a Secure Cloud Identity with Microsoft Entra ID

Big Cloud Consultants deploys Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) to provide a unified identity and access management experience that protects and supports your business.


Microsoft Entra ID Services

Big Cloud Consultants help protect your applications and data by strategically utilizing Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory), the all-in-one platform with core directory services, application access management, and identity protection.

Identity and Access Management with Microsoft Entra ID

Why Invest in Microsoft Entra ID for Effective Identity & Access Management

Microsoft Entra ID is a comprehensive solution that helps organizations manage users and groups, enforce access policies, and secure identities against cyber threats.


Create, modify, and delete users and groups across all connected applications and services, saving time and reducing the risk of errors, so you don’t waste time managing each application separately.


Enforce strong authentication policies, such as multi-factor authentication, monitor sign-ins and access requests, and detect and respond to suspicious activities to improve your organization’s security posture.


Integrate seamlessly with many applications and services, including Microsoft 365, making it easier to manage user identities across multiple applications.


Scale with ease, add and remove users and applications as needed to cater to a changing workforce, and adjust to your evolving application needs.


Reduce capital expenditures with a cloud-based solution as you don’t need to purchase or maintain on-premises hardware and software to manage user identities.


Leveraging the Full Capabilities of Microsoft Entra ID

Big Cloud helps you leverage the full range of modern access and identity management capabilities available through Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD).

Multi-Factor Authentication

We help add an extra layer of security by enabling multifactor authentication requests when conditions represent risk.

Single Sign-On

We free up users from the burden of multiple logins & enable your IT team to control access based on employee role.

Role-Based Access Control

We give you control to manage who has access to Azure resources and what they can do with those resources.

Monitoring & Reporting

We help you tap into the wealth of security and activity reports to get better visibility into how your accounts, data, and applications are accessed.

Password Management

We empower users to benefit from the self-service password reset feature, which enables users to reset their passwords, if/when required.

Conditional Access

We set up conditional access policies to ensure that users are only granted access to the data they need to perform their role within the organization.

Microsoft Entra ID Client

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Valued Microsoft Entra ID Clients


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If you want to maintain effective data security, reach out to our experts to help you manage the platform by setting up configurations that support your business.

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