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Get More From Your Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure Consulting

Step up your digital workplace by effectively scaling your infrastructure alongside your business with a wide array of Microsoft Azure consulting services by Big Cloud.


Build Your Cloud Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure

Whether you need a proven partner for consulting services on an existing Azure environment or are looking to set up your infrastructure to leverage the wide array of cloud services, apps, and tools, Big Cloud Consultants are the experts you need.Our Microsoft Azure Consulting service helps you make the most of your hybrid/cloud-based model by improving your overall security posture and introducing you to advanced functionalities.

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Leverage an Open and Flexible Cloud Service Platform

Microsoft Azure’s capabilities are unmatched and truly powerful. This cloud platform is built to grow alongside your business and empower you with flexibility every step of the way. Choose Microsoft Azure for your business to benefit from: 


Microsoft Azure provides enterprise-level development tools that can be used to build, deploy, and manage custom web apps. In addition, Microsoft Azure supports Internet protocols and open standards such as XML, SOAP, REST, and HTTP. Plus, it also offers a software development kit for Java, PHP, and Ruby.

High-Performing Infrastructure

Azure provides unparalleled speed when it comes to deployments, operations, and scalability. You can connect private connections or on-premises networks to Azure using the Microsoft global network. You also have the ability to support IPv6 workloads for providing increased reliability and speed.


Microsoft Azure comes with a pay-as-you-go model, enabling you to purchase only what you need. Its consumption-based pricing structure allows businesses of all sizes to leverage cloud benefits, and Big Cloud is here to help you manage your IT budgets efficiently.

Reliability & Scalability

Every organization evolves over time, whether that's downsizing or growing the business. This could mean changes to the infrastructure-related investment. Microsoft Azure offers on-demand scalability, allowing organizations to increase or decrease storage space and computing power as needs change.

Incredible Security

Microsoft Azure is designed with Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) model and was the first to embrace the new international standard for cloud privacy: ISO 2701. It enhances the privacy, integrity, and availability of sensitive customer information by combining existing built-in security tools with existing cybersecurity systems and policies.


Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Big Cloud’s Microsoft Azure experts examine your existing infrastructure and analyze the overall architecture to explore bottlenecks and offer you the best solution.

Azure Cloud Migration

We empower you with Microsoft Azure's unified migration platform and a range of tools to migrate servers, databases, web apps, and more.

Azure Virtual Machines

We help deploy Azure VMs on your physical servers so that you benefit from high computing capacity and virtualization with chosen configurations.

Azure DevOps

We provide version control, project management, and application lifecycle tools to help you manage your code with Azure DevOps.

Microsoft Entra ID

Previously Azure Active Directory, we manage authentication to all Microsoft’s cloud services through single sign-on, conditional access, and multifactor authentication to ensure your data is secure.

Endpoint Manager

Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune) allows us to create policies to secure machines joined to Microsoft Entra ID. This is a replacement for traditional group policies in an on-premises domain.

Windows Virtual Desktop

With Windows Azure, we offer a remote desktop experience virtually from any location, complete with built-in intelligent security, and reduced costs by leveraging your existing license plan.

Azure Batch

Azure Batch allows us to run scheduled jobs in the cloud without having a dedicated VM running full-time, creating spot instances to spin up to run a job and shut down as soon as the task is completed.

Why Work With a Microsoft Azure Service Provider

Big Cloud will provide you with licensing strategies around Microsoft Azure with Microsoft license mobility via software assurance. Our cloud experts have extensive experience working with Microsoft Azure clients, and empower each one with:


First and foremost, a Microsoft CSP brings years of IT experience to your organization. By choosing Big Cloud you get industry-leading knowledge in all areas from data storage, security, and backups to server hosting, tech support, managed hosting, and more.


Real-time monitoring is part of the deal when you partner with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider like Big Cloud. In addition, a team of Azure experts is always available for maintenance and tech support. Suddenly, downtime becomes a non-issue.


The cost of creating an Azure team can be considerable. Big Cloud Consultants manage everything from applying patches to completing regular maintenance and ensure updates align with your business goals, giving you a cost-effective cloud service.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Client

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Valued Microsoft Azure Clients


Get in Touch with Microsoft Azure Experts

Microsoft Azure cloud can be intimidating, but you don’t have to go through your infrastructure journey alone. Reach out to our experts to overcome common pain points and elevate user experience through your Azure cloud journey.

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