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Integrated Employee Experience with Microsoft SharePoint

Connect your employees with the right resources while delivering a consistent employee experience with Big Cloud’s extensive Microsoft SharePoint services.


Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

The Microsoft SharePoint experience provides businesses with a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device. Big Cloud can help you optimize the platform for efficiency and boost collaboration across your organization.

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Build a Modern Digital Workplace with Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint Online is an extremely flexible digital workplace platform that enhances businesses’ organization and efficiency. Big Cloud provides a wide range of SharePoint Online services to enhance the platform and meet your intranet and overall business collaboration needs.

SharePoint Intranet

Enhance employee satisfaction and collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint as your hub of collaboration.

Intranet Design & Branding

Bring your intranet vision to life with our graphic design specialists and top-of-the-line SharePoint design and branding expertise.

Migrations & Upgrades

Reduce risk and accelerate technology adoption during migration and upgrades with our SharePoint experts.

Enterprise Collaboration

Leverage our SharePoint expertise to maximize performance by building a comprehensive enterprise collaboration platform.


Your Trusted Microsoft SharePoint Partner

At Big Cloud Consultants, we empower businesses to maximize the efficiency and productivity of their workforces. Our knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint helps organizations work smarter, reduce redundancies and mistakes, and increase ROI. Our experienced team’s diverse SharePoint skillset supports you in engaging employees and yielding greater business outcomes.


We deliver affordable and faster deployments to meet your employee experience requirements seamlessly.

Intranet Experts

We have extensive experience in deploying successful, efficient intranets to supercharge collaboration.

Customer Oriented

We invest in customer relationships to understand and solve day-to-day digital workplace problems.

Valued Microsoft SharePoint Services Client

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Big Cloud Microsoft SharePoint Clients


Get in Touch with SharePoint Intranet Experts

We know setting up and optimizing your SharePoint intranet can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. Take advantage of our comprehensive services, be it installation, design & branding, migration or setting up your enterprise data system, we can help you make the most of your SharePoint intranet!

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Explore the Right Cloud Service for Your Business​

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Microsoft Power Platform

Streamline business operations with low-code applications, process automation, & simplified data analysis with Big Cloud Consultants’ Power Platform expertise.

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