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Connect Your Data with an Enterprise Collaboration System

Streamline communication across your organization by using SharePoint as your seamless enterprise collaboration platform.


Avoid Siloed LOB Systems with Enterprise Collaboration

Get rid of department-specific line-of-business (LOB) systems that are disconnected for each organizational function. Maximize performance, improve efficiency, and lower costs across your organization by using Microsoft SharePoint as an enterprise collaboration platform for your LOB systems.

Why You Need an Enterprise Collaboration System

By leveraging SharePoint’s connection with LOB systems, you can help bring teams together across your organization.

Break Silos

Bring teams together by breaking down the information silos across departments so existing knowledge can be shared more easily.

Automate Notifications

Minimize time spent looking at phone messages or email threads by automating notifications that get sent to those they are relevant to. 

Increase Efficiency

Enable immediate action no matter where your team is working from with targeted real-time alerts.

Inform Decision-Making

Enable more educated and collaborative decision-making by improving communication across teams within the organization.


The Big Cloud Approach to Enterprise Collaboration

As a Microsoft Partner, we have implemented hundreds of successful enterprise collaboration systems. We can help you:

Build Workflows

Build automation, monitoring, and alerts into workflows by connecting your backend systems to SharePoint.

Prevent Downtime

Increase efficiency and help prevent downtime by surfacing the right information to the right people at the right time.

Incorporate Data

Incorporate data from your multiple line-of-business (LOB) systems without major time or financial investments.

Enable a Connected Enterprise

Enable a connected enterprise and drive “connected value” with SharePoint solutions that are based on connected systems. By using both SharePoint and LOB systems to their fullest extent, organizations can increase their competitive edge, and Big Cloud can help.


Enable automated business processes across the organization to bring teams together.


Boost ROI by improving communication across the organization, increasing efficiency and productivity.


Lower total cost of ownership by consolidating multiple LOB systems into SharePoint as an enterprise collaboration system.

Enterprise Collaboration Platform Client

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Valued Enterprise Collaboration Clients


Get in Touch with Enterprise Collaboration Experts

We know that breaking silos caused by departmental LOB systems can be difficult, but we can help you leverage SharePoint to connect your systems and optimize internal communications. Reach out to our experts to elevate productivity and efficiency by improving communication across departments within your organization.

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