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Big Cloud is the SharePoint design partner you need to seamlessly elevate user engagement across your intranet.


Elevate Your SharePoint Design
& Intranet Branding

Do you need intranet customizations and interface updates for a compelling visual experience?

With years of expertise in all facets of intranet design, from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online, we are here to support your business as it grows. Put the Big Cloud team to work for you and enjoy stunning visual customization with top-of-the-line SharePoint design and branding prowess. With attention to detail, stellar service, and stunning results, you can count on Big Cloud from start to finish.

Why You Should Invest in Intranet Design for SharePoint

SharePoint design helps you build a striking intranet for your stakeholders, giving them an appealing interface to interact with on a day-to-day basis. Make use of our intranet design proficiency to take advantage of:
Identifiable branding

Coordinate your organization or hierarchical brand across platforms with our design capabilities. We help you build a memorable corporate image that leaves a lasting impression on your stakeholders.

Exceptional user experience

We take your users and their workloads into consideration when curating the intranet experience. Big Cloud Consultants take the time and effort to understand your processes and workflows to empower your users with a captivating experience.

Intuitive user interface

Intranet design is equal parts aesthetics and sophistication. Big Cloud leverages the modern technology to boost user engagement with an easy-to-use, responsive interface that goes beyond capturing user attention.

Purposeful Site Design

Our intranet design and SharePoint branding service is not just about creating an appealing layout. We believe in applying Microsoft design principles to deliver a highly-functional and efficient platform.

Quality SharePoint Design Solutions

Customized Intranet Environments

With attention to your branding initiatives, business objectives, and vision, the Big Cloud graphic design team brings your custom visualization to life. We have delivered outstanding results for a wide range of SharePoint design and branding clients, like the ones below.

Excel with Big Cloud's SharePoint Design Services

Learn the different ways we can serve your intranet environment to elevate user experience across your organization.


We develop customized themes to meet your business' branding objectives and accurately reflect and amplify your company culture.


Consistency is key for end-user engagement, so we implement style sheets, templates, and definitions to match your business' branding and persona.


We appreciate your need for control and ensure that site managers maintain administrative control over personalization policies.

Interactive SharePoint Design Client

responsive web design and dev client - hb fuller

Valued SharePoint Design Clients


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A custom-designed SharePoint Intranet boosts employee engagement and reflects the company culture to all stakeholders. We can help you personalize employee experience and add more meaning to your sites. Fill out the form to reach us today!

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