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Improve Collaboration with SharePoint Intranet

Modern SharePoint sites improve efficiency for every department within your business with custom automation and workflows. By working with SharePoint intranet experts, you can ensure that your organization is making the most out of the platform.
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Why You Need A SharePoint Intranet

By working with Big Cloud Consultants, your business avoids the most common problems we see with SharePoint intranet sites, including improper security, lack of organization, use of folders instead of metadata, lack of automation for common tasks, mismanagement of large lists, and lack of search customization. By working with experienced SharePoint consultants, you can:
Improve Security

We can conduct a security audit to ensure your SharePoint intranet is secure and best practices are being followed.

Enhance Organization

We can help you enhance your document management to ensure employees are able to find what they need when they need it to carry out their roles more efficiently.

Leverage Metadata

We can help you leverage metadata to index important information so you can group, filter, and sort your repositories for easy access to it when you need it.

Automate Common Tasks

We can help you create and automate workflows on common tasks so you can focus your efforts on tasks that require more attention.

Manage Large Lists

We can help you manage and organize large lists in your SharePoint intranet to streamline information flow. 

Customize Search

We can help you customize your search, so you can easily find the files, folders, and documents that you need without having to search through a large repository. 

SharePoint Intranet Development Process

Whether you are looking to migrate a SharePoint site from an on-premises server to the cloud, modernize & improve an existing SharePoint site, or need a new intranet designed from scratch, the experienced team at Big Cloud Consultants is here to help. From the discovery phase to post-launch support, our process ensures our teams are on the same page throughout and that the final product meets or exceeds expectations.


We will conduct due diligence to understand your current ecosystem as well as requirements from key stakeholders in your organization.

Statement of Work

We will work with your team to provide a clear statement of work based on the discovery phase and your budget.


We will construct your SharePoint intranet, migrate data and implement desired workflows and automation per the scope.


Your team will have ample time to review the intranet and collaborate with us on any final adjustments or tweaks.


Our team will provide training so that you can make updates and adjustments on your own if you prefer.

Ongoing Support

We are here for any ongoing support that you need along the way. We can provide as much or as little support as necessary.

Sharepoint Intranet Departmental Benefits

Departments across your organization will benefit from the implementation of a SharePoint intranet, thanks to an increase in efficiency, employee satisfaction, and productivity.


Leverage templates and workflows throughout the sales process to reduce turnaround and avoid costly errors.


Significantly reduce IT department time storing and finding files or maintaining in-house document storage.


Provide a secure hub for employee information and automate complex workflows from onboarding to time off requests.


Appreciate a singular efficient system for secure collaboration and knowledge sharing across all internal departments.

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