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Ensure your intranet is up-to-date with leading SharePoint migration, installation, and upgrade services from Big Cloud Consultants.


SharePoint Migration Industry Leaders

Big Cloud provides industry-leading SharePoint migration, installation, and upgrade services for all SharePoint versions, whether on-premises, online, or hybrid.

Our engineers will work with you to define the overall scope of the project and identify the milestones that will be required to meet your objectives.

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Leverage the Latest SharePoint Intranet Capabilities

Big Cloud provides the technical expertise and best practices to help you quickly implement, migrate, and upgrade SharePoint while reducing risk and accelerating adoption of technologies. By working with Big Cloud, you gain:

Current Technologies

We help you take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies to benefit from updated features, security protocols, native integrations and much more.

Seamless Upgrades

We ensure seamless SharePoint migrations, installations, and upgrades, minimizing risk and taking care of any issues should they arise, making the process stress-free.

Minimal Downtime

We ensure your SharePoint intranet is ready from day one, with well defined project scheduling, so your organization can continue to function with the utmost efficiency and productivity.

SharePoint Expertise

We pull from decades of experience in all things SharePoint to manage all aspects of your SharePoint migration, installation, or upgrade, including assessment, planning, end-user communication, scheduling, launch and post-migration support.


Custom SharePoint Migration, Installation & Upgrade Solutions

A Big Cloud Solution Architect will work directly with your stakeholders to create a SharePoint migration, installation, or upgrade approach tailored to your specific needs, helping you define:

Custom Features

We evaluate custom features or workflows in your existing SharePoint platform that will be rendered “interoperable” when migrated to your new SharePoint environment.

Clear Roadmap

We craft a clear roadmap of migration, installation, or upgrade for organizations with multiple SharePoint instances or multiple SharePoint versions.

Integration Solutions

We evaluate the non-SharePoint applications currently integrated with your SharePoint environment and come up with a solution for your new environment.

Service Approach

We define the overall approach to your SharePoint migration, installation, or upgrade based on your existing environment’s user base, content, configurations, and customizations.

IA Consolidation

We re-design your information architecture, consolidating your site and cleaning up the content in your existing SharePoint environment prior to the migration into SharePoint online.

Budget Objectives

We ensure that the migration, installation, or upgrade options we provide align with budgetary constraints, and will implement the project in a phased approach, if necessary.

Address Your Sharepoint Migration Challenges

Big Cloud has experience with hundreds of successful SharePoint migrations, installations, and upgrades of every size. We often provide solutions for organizations with known intranet issues that must be resolved prior to a migration or environment upgrade.


We conduct a comprehensive project management assessment to evaluate and finalize impending tasks, resources, and the timeline of your SharePoint intranet journey.


We walk in the end users' shoes to determine the best ways to boost user engagement and ensure all stakeholders leverage the collaboration platform efficiently.


We carry out an analysis of your current technology platform and applications to ensure you have proper controls and compliance configurations in place.


We provide custom training, support, and knowledge transfer for all end-users across your organization to ensure a seamless migration, installation, or upgrade.

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Big Cloud SharePoint Migration Clients


SharePoint Migration Experts

We know the challenges that come with a SharePoint migration, installation, or upgrade, but you don’t have to go through them alone. Reach out to our experts to overcome common pain points and elevate user experience, both during and after migration.

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