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Improve Connectivity with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Build an interconnected collaboration hub with Microsoft Teams direct routing to streamline communication for your organization.


What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is a feature through which a company can connect their existing, external office phone system or VoIP Trunk Lines to MS Teams. This allows end-users to make calls from anywhere via their office phone line directly through MS Teams on PC, Mac, and smartphone devices.
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How Organizations Benefit from Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Any company using Microsoft Teams for collaboration will appreciate how the ability to make calls from their company phone line directly from within the platform streamlines communication. Although not required, some companies even opt to eliminate their physical office phones after the transition. Microsoft Teams Direct Routing benefits a variety of businesses and users, including:

Companies with Multiple Locations

Organizations with multiple office locations and/or field and remote employees will benefit most from the ability to make calls directly from MS Teams on their computer or smartphone.

IT Administrators

There is no additional hardware or software, infrastructure disruptions, or need to train users on a new platform with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, making it a simple calling solution.​


Management can enjoy the streamlined calling abilities within the same Microsoft Teams platform their employees already use every day for collaboration.


Implementation of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing​

There are various mediums to implement Direct Routing in Microsoft Teams. Big Cloud Consultants can work with you to come up with a Direct Routing solution that is quick, hassle-free and suited to your business requirements.

Session Border Controller (SBC)

SBC is a device that protects and regulates communications over data networks, hosted on-premises or in the cloud.

Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)

PSTN is the network of traditional physical telephone lines, providing infrastructure and services for public telecommunication.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

PBX is the private telephone network or system that a company uses which provides both internal and external calling.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunks

SIP Trunks are digital phone lines that provide dial tone to PBX phone systems across the internet instead of traditional phone lines.

Big Cloud's Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Solution

Working with Big Cloud on your MS Teams Direct Routing solution is easy, cost-effective, and will not interrupt service with your existing phone system.  It makes use of the features of your existing phone system, even if you have international office locations and systems, rather than the limited and often costly features provided by Microsoft Calling Plans.


Consolidate all external calls to be made and received from one place, improving productivity by saving time that would otherwise be spent switching between tools.


Empower your staff to take calls from anywhere at any time without having to switch between applications so they can respond to customer queries more quickly and seamlessly.


Customize our direct routing solution to fit your needs and take care of the entire implementation process and go beyond the barebones capability offered by Microsoft's Calling Plans for Microsoft Teams.

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Get in Touch with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Experts

Microsoft Teams is one of the top instant communication tools, and for good reason. We can help you extend its capabilities further. Reach out to our experts to learn how implementing MS Teams direct routing can help your organization.

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