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Get Your 2024 Blueprint to Implement Microsoft SharePoint Successfully

70% of digital transformations are unsuccessful.

Not surprisingly, one of the leading reasons for this failure is a lack of integrated strategy and implementation plan.

Yours will succeed. Access our SharePoint Discovery sheet to explore the SharePoint expertise you need to plan and roll out a successful intranet solution with:

  • Designated Microsoft SharePoint Modern Work Partner
  • Verified Adoption and Change Management Specialists


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Empowering Leading Brands with SharePoint Intranet Strategy

We tailor our SharePoint planning approach to meet the needs of various industries, building intranet projects for success. Big Cloud Consultants’ SharePoint Discovery has assisted many businesses in creating a more engaging intranet, improving workplace connectivity, employee engagement, and productivity.

Discover Real Microsoft SharePoint Planning Expertise

We help establish critical internal communication, collaboration, and productivity tools with trusted expertise. Your SharePoint project plan is a critical piece in the puzzle of effective organization-wide collaboration, act now for effective guiding principles for intranet strategy and planning.

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Solve Common SharePoint Strategy Challenges

With hundreds of successful intranet deployments, we can confidently say that no two intranets are the same. Without proper Microsoft SharePoint planning for adoption, organizations often face:

Leave such hurdles behind by following the well-mapped SharePoint project plan from a dedicated Microsoft CSP, like Big Cloud Consultants. Empower your organization with an engaging intranet planning experience to estimate associated intranet costs, define business use cases, and plan resources for a successful deployment.

Uncover the benefits of SharePoint Discovery today for a robust intranet plan and SharePoint pricing tomorrow.

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Delivering SharePoint Strategy Excellence

Eliminate Unexpected Expense with Intranet Planning

Built to help organizations avoid common missteps of SharePoint implementation, Big Cloud Consultants’ SharePoint Discovery helps avoid the hidden costs of uncontrolled SharePoint rollouts. Every department within the organization yields significant benefits from a comprehensive SharePoint strategy and plan for intranet development and launch.

IT Department

Save significant IT support hours by anticipating and solving common end user pain points.

Human Resources

Streamline adoption and employee engagement across the organization with a strategic rollout plan.

Exec Leadership

Build a secure and efficient system for organization-wide collaboration by all stakeholders.

Plan for the Longevity of Your SharePoint Intranet

It’s 2024, do not delay your digital transformation any further. Discover the difference Big Cloud Consultants, an award-winning Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner, can make to your SharePoint intranet journey with a strategic SharePoint planning process.