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SharePoint Design Success For Leading Brands

Our SharePoint design and branding experts have worked with organizations spanning multiple industries, curating a cohesive user experience with visually appealing intranets.

Solving SharePoint Design Dilemmas

Big Cloud’s Microsoft SharePoint design team understands that your intranet is a representation of your company brand. We are committed to addressing your SharePoint design hurdles that often hinder user experience – unresponsiveness, poor navigation, clunky site layout, and much more. 

With our comprehensive SharePoint branding and design solutions, our team empowers you to: 

Proven Microsoft SharePoint Intranet Expertise

SharePoint Intranets Deployed


Years of Microsoft SharePoint Experience


Years of Microsoft Partner Expertise

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Tailored SharePoint Branding Across Industries

Comprehensive SharePoint Intranet Design Solutions

Big Cloud delivers responsive and attractive intranets with customization of each site element, covering everything from themes and pages to web parts and lists. We provide full-service SharePoint intranet design and branding solutions to exceed user expectations.

SharePoint Branding

We elevate your site's sense of belonging by seamlessly integrating your logos, voice, and branding elements into your SharePoint site.

Custom Layout

We craft a bespoke theme tailored to your unique preferences, use cases, adjusting site colors, background images, and layout.

Responsive Sites

We build responsive, high-performing sites accessible across all devices, ensuring optimal user experience regardless of the platform.

Our team of knowledgeable SharePoint professionals is here to plan the aesthetically pleasing structure of your SharePoint intranet.

SharePoint Design Success

Excel with Big Cloud’s Extensive Microsoft Skill Set

By trusting Big Cloud Consultants to assist with your Microsoft SharePoint design and branding needs, your organization will reap the benefits of working with a full-scale Cloud Service Provider.

Proven SharePoint Ability

Our profound expertise in SharePoint empowers organizations to enrich collaboration and engagement across the board.

Extensive Microsoft Mastery

Our proficiency spans the entire Microsoft suite, enabling seamless integration of top-tier solutions into your digital workspace.

Powered By Customer Experience

Our approach involves delving deep into business challenges, crafting tailored solutions that adeptly address your pain points.

Curate Your SharePoint Intranet Design

At Big Cloud, we are dedicated to building SharePoint design and branding strategies that are crafted to support organizational aims. Experience enhanced user adoption and engagement of your SharePoint intranet by embarking on your design and branding journey with us.