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Looking for a modern and secure experience for business communication? Migrating to SharePoint and leveraging the platform to its full potential is easier said than done.

Partner with SharePoint experts to navigate through common business challenges. Download our one-sheet to discover why you need a SharePoint provider by your side.


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Our Scalable SharePoint Intranet Clients

Without pre-planning a Microsoft SharePoint adoption, organizations often face cost overruns, security vulnerabilities, and unmanageable sprawl. By following the well-mapped process of a Microsoft Partner, you can eliminate such hurdles and simultaneously empower your organization with a robust and engaging intranet experience.

Big Cloud Consultants has assisted many businesses to create a more engaging employee experience yielding great efficiencies and business outcomes with a SharePoint intranet.

Transform Your Workplace with Our SharePoint Expertise for All

Built for all stakeholders, Big Cloud Consultants’ Microsoft SharePoint services meet the unique needs of different departments and teams seamlessly. 


Reduce turnaround and avoid costly errors by leveraging workflows throughout the sales process.

IT Department

Save significant hours by alleviating common pain points otherwise handled by IT – file storage, findability & access.

Human Resources

Streamline employee engagement across the organization by enhancing onboarding, time off requests and more.

Exec Leadership

Build a secure and efficient system for collaboration and knowledge sharing across all departments.

Valued SharePoint Intranet Client

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Having deployed more than 100 SharePoint intranets, our team is dedicated to client satisfaction every step of the way.

Your SharePoint intranet is a critical piece in the puzzle of effective organization-wide collaboration. How you plan, implement, maintain, and evolve your SharePoint intranet is crucial to the adoption and success of the platform as a critical internal communication, collaboration, and productivity tool across your entire business.  

 That’s where Big Cloud Consultants’ 20+ years of SharePoint intranet implementation success guarantees the greatest success for the longevity of your intranet. 

 Discover the difference Big Cloud Consultants, an award-winning Microsoft Cloud Partner, can make to your SharePoint intranet journey.